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04/01/2002 6:07 PM

You will see who is the best of the best of the best ............


HoFoM 4/ 2001 HoFoM 5/2001HoFoM 6/ 2001HoFoM 9/ 2001

HoFoM 10/ 2001HoFoM 11/ 2001

Nomen est omen, he is EVIL! And he plays very loud music on his MM1. He is also a high skilled artist, his banner are some of the finest to find around. Now he starts also with mapping. And his maps like himself...EVIL! Sometimes he comes in with some mates, thats means Hell on Earth. Please visit ~BSE~ over the link page.

Now the highest decorated red warrior on the NOTAP Killer page! We make a lot of special medals only for him.
~BSE~EvilK was the first red Lieutenant General!

Better watch out! This Col wants your head!

HoFoM January 2001HoFoM Februar 2001

The Col_D_Tylor, a man like a storm. Fight for his mission and never stops. Defends his targets with bullets, knife and hands. It was a hard run, head to head with the Routine. But we fire salut for the Col_D_Taylor. Welldone!

Goes on DFLW NOTAP HoF January 2001.
Col_D_Taylor 410 1119 2698
Goes on DFLW NOTAP HoF Februar 2001.
Col_D_Taylor 592 1706 2692

And now known as ColonelNOTAP!

Send ASAP a picture to the Colonel!


HoFoM 4/ 2001HoFoM 12/ 2001

Now he is on NOTAP HoF! With strong attacks and the devasting ~BSE~ attack style.


Thx for this QUMOK

"Brigadier General : " QUMOK

HoFoM   01/ 2002HoFoM   03/ 2002

BigQ aka QUMOK aka MoTAT goes finally on HoFoM and HoF!
Every games with BigQ is fun ( as nasty red and deadly blue Mercenary too), every chat with him give me a smile or some new ideas. I play with QUMOK since spring 2000, and he was alway a good fellow. I guess everybody around in our little community of regulars like him!

Q retires also from BPoWC, and works as Mercenary on the Blue side. He sends terror over he previous mates! NO mercy, NO pardon.

And now he starts with mapping for C4!

He is also active for the DeadPresidents, and is always busy with some nasty stuff. Every games without BigQ is only half fun!

Born to Lose or burn to die from NOTAPs hand? A fine artwork BtL!

"General "

HoFoM   01/ 2002


Since 8 months on HoFoM, and 1 year on NOTAP maps ladder games. All the time know as Sniper #1 and now finally the HoFoM #1! Great work Born, a medal you must wear with pride!


This is a pic of the small wounds i receive after a fight with NoTap...PUDGE

HoFoM August 2001

As i say last month, without update trouble and a full tour of duty .......

PUDGE on top in the red team. He was now BPoW, and also won the HoFoM and HoF.

Real great work here. Not only going better and
better by blowing targets, he is also a perfect ZOMBIE-Master. On some games is seems so useless to kill a red, if PUDGE and maybe some other medics too in game.

"Care me too Doc <PUDGE>, i cant sit anymore"



SHADOW a man without face
Shadow [SOF]


Shadow [SOF] HoFoM January 2001

Shadow [SOF] was the other man from the DrD (Dynamic Red Duo). In a team with the Colonel he was a great attacker. Now, with the Colonel on the dark side, he fight for the red team like a tiger. He plays the medic skill very well. And a lot of red players was rescued by him. He has a nice collection of medals on the Killer page. He is deadly like a shark under water. He ends the 3/2001 with 580 targets.He make 1073 kills and was send 2402 times to HoE!

SniperWolf AMUN

SniperWolf AMUN

The fastest and hardest attacker from all. Never stops, never whining. He was the #1 on DF2 NOTAP HoF. He is the #1 on DFLW NOTAP HoF December 2000. And so the first player with bronze star on DFLW NOTAP HoF. He makes 107 Targets, send 771 other players to hell and was 1771 times killed. A brave young man.




To go on this list a player must be #1 in the DFLW Hall of Fame ot the month. The rank on this HoF is sorted by the numbers of bronze stars and targets.