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02/ 2002

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04/01/2002 5:51 PM

NOTAP proudly presents the 5 best players in 03/2002

Thx for this QUMOK


"Brigadier General : "

BigQ aka QUMOK aka MoTAT goes finally on HoFoM and HoF!
Every games with BigQ is fun ( as nasty red and deadly blue Mercenary too), every chat with him give me a smile or some new ideas. I play with QUMOK since spring 2000, and he was alway a good fellow. I guess everybody around in our little community of regulars like him!

Q retires also from BPoWC, and works as Mercenary on the Blue side. He sends terror over he previous mates! NO mercy, NO pardon.

And now he starts with mapping for C4!

He is also active for the DeadPresidents, and is always busy with some nasty stuff. Every games without BigQ is only half fun!


Born to Lose or burn to die from NOTAPs hand? A fine artwork BtL!


"General "

Hard working for the success of his team! Ever kindly and helpfull!
BornToLose or BitterBöserBorn (aka B³) starts his carreer as deadly sniper in spring 2001. Later he masters the secrets of demolition and the special skills of the CQB. Now he starts to support the red hordes as BattleMedic. And he won the election for Medic Of the Month with 100% !




ZAZU the sleeping dog? BOAH , please dont bite mit ZAZU :)

"Captain : " Zazu=MAIN=

The wild dog Zazu is not only a new Captain, NO!

He is also new father (clap clap)!
I guess he now much more deadly and aggresive as before!
Will we see your wife Mouse back on the battlefields?


"Brigadier General"

Schorschi palys with great success in the most games, but he missed every month enough session to loose the ultimate price: HoF!

Thats real sadly. I hope you will have a month with full playtime to make it on the HoF. His squad =MAIN= is increasing every month?
Will be nice to see more =MAIN=s on the battlefields and in the mass graves.

ALI send us a picture !


Warrant Officer 4: Ali

3 month on NOTAP maps ladder games and now on HoFoM! A very fast race up the ranks! He must pause now for a month but I cant await to see you back. You want give me again some pain under water?

To go on this list a player must be under the first 5 NON-NOTAP players in the actual list..