Once a NOTAP always a NOTAP!  Created by General NOTAP
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09/06/2001 0:44 AM

He was a brave red soldier! But mess with the best means die like the rest! MaBöse NOTAP: Colonel and General unter water , Pudge in the other boat,  Evil and Uncle before me, lol no danger here for me? Mouse=MAIN=: boah this old fart MaBöse direct before me, and i cant knife him, HoE! ZAZU=MAIN=: hmmmm 2 Medics... better i have an eye on my mouse Game over? And now? He where is my respawn? Hello? Anybody out there? This brave red was attacking a NOTAP base ... and he payed the price! Death can be so simpel.... on NOTAP maps! Colonel: and the first red is mine MaBöse? MaBöse: ype take a clean headshot!
Want make a link to NOTAP HQ? Please, use this banner. Thx to ~BSE~Evil K.

*** BREAKING NEWS***PUDGE is winner of the HoFoM and now member of the NOTAP Hall of Fame! Schorsch =MAIN=, BORN**STAB**, ZAZU=MAIN= and ƒ¤X are now on HoFoM!

DFLW Lobby 1.00.30You are hot for NOTAP maps ladder games? search a public game ?
Look the recoil patterns for 1.00.30
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