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Last update:
12/02/2001 4:10 PM

Wellcome to the NOTAP game stats


The stats for the NOTAP games contains a list sorted by scores (fot the targets), kills and deaths for every game thats NOTAP hosts. There are a global sum over all games the Sum_Stats. This list contains all games since 12/02/2000. The stats will be normally updated after a host session.

For every month will it give a month list. And the third list is the Actual_Stats. This contains the count for the actual not ended month. Every month goes the best 5 NON-NOTAP players on the actual DFLW Hall of Fame of the month (DFLW-HoFom). The best player on the DFLW-HoFoM gots a bronze star and goes on the DFLW HoF. On the DFLW HoF the players will be sorted by the number of bronze stars. So we will see the 5 best players every month, and at the end of 2001 in the DFLW HoF a ladder of the best of the best.

Update for Stats&Ranks:
Based on the Sum_Stats every player with more as 10 kills and 1 or more targets got a rank.
This rank based on the kills and dont change the position in the stats.

Sum_Stats (Sum of all NOTAP hosted games since 12/02/2000, incl. Actual_Stats)

Actual_Stats (Sum of the actual month)

November 2001 (Sum of games in November 2001 11/01/2001..11/30/2001)

October 2001 (Sum of games in October 2001 10/01/2001..10/31/2001)
September 2001 (Sum of games in September 2001 09/01/2001..09/31/2001)
August 2001 (Sum of games in August 2001 08/01/2001..08/31/2001)
July 2001 (Sum of games in Juli 2001 07/01/2001..07/31/2001)
June 2001 (Sum of games in June 2001 06/01/2001..06/30/2001)
May 2001 (Sum of games in May 2001 05/01/2001..05/31/2001)
April 2001 (Sum of games in April 2001, 04/01/2001 .. 04/30/2001)
March 2001 (Sum of games in March 2001, 03/01/2001 .. 03/31/2001)
Februar 2001 (Sum of games in Februar 2001, 01/02/2001 .. 02/28/2001)
January 2001 (Sum of games in January 2001, 01/01/2001 .. 01/31/2001)
December 2000 (Sum of games in December 2000, 12/02/2000 .. 12/31/2000)